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Sep 1st 2019 - Vortex Optics Series, Barstow, CA Request and invition

Oct 6th 2019 - Vortex Optics Series, Barstow, CA

Nov 3rd 2019 - Vortex Optics Series, Barstow, CA


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Radelow Blades Spring Series by Southwest ULR, Aug 2019 Recap.
Our course of fire was 3 targets 1895, 2200 and 2625 yards. Brian Carey sporting a brand new custom 42” long barrel chambered in 375 Cheytac on a Desert Tech HTI, was in a league of his own today, multiple hits on every target besting 2nd place by 57 points. Ironically Brian was also credited with the longest miss as his first shot did not have any elevation dope, easily missing the target by over a mile. Rommel Jimenea, who is always in the running, was shooting some prototype bullets from his Vestal Customs built 375 Cheytac, finished in second place. Second place – Sixth place was decided by one shot, one shot away from the runner up position was Phillip Heintz (3rd), Tonny Wong (4th), Chris S. (5th) and Scott Austin (6th). Both Brian and Rommel were awarded with $150 of cutting edge bullets, compliments of Cutting Edge.
This match was the finale of the Radelow Blades Spring Series, and Tonny Wong was awarded with a custom knife from Radelow Blades as our series champion. Tonny, simply put on a shooting clinic every match through the series; I encourage everyone to watch Tonny Shoot his custom Vestals built 375 Cheytac. After he sees the shot he is able to re-chamber and get another shot off very fast (in some cases before the spotter even says a word), ensuring his bullet is flying through the same conditions as the previous shot. Tonny has also helped out Southwest ULR with graphics, stickers, trophies etc… Thank you, it is a pleasure shooting with you, and congratulations!
The Vortex Optics Fall Series starts next month, and ends in January. We are going to do a special match in January, details will be released soon.

First Place (Top Gun): Brian Carey
375 Cheytac
Desert Tech HTI
Nightforce BEAST
Cutting Edge 400Gr Lasers

Second Place (Runner Up): Rommel Jimenea
375 Cheytac (Vestal’s Custom)
Stiller Tac 408
IOR Valdada
Prototype Lehigh Match Solid

Third Place: Tonny Wong
375 Cheytac (Vestal’s Custom)
Stiller Tac 408
Schmitt and Bender Pmii 12-50
Cutting Edge Bullets 377gr Mtac

Fourth Place: Phillip Heintz
375 Cheytac
Cadex Shadow
Schmitt and Bender 3-27
Cutting Edge 402gr Mtac

Fifth Place: Chris S.
375 Cheytac
BAT CT Action
March 8-80
Cutting Edge 375gr Lasers

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