Match Results

November 7, 2018

Sunday morning, was a day long range shooters dream about, visibility for miles, zero wind and optimal weather conditions making projectiles fly far and true. Over a mile away are 3 freshly painted 40x40 steel targets with redundant electronic hit indicators. As the sun rose over the beautiful and calm desert of the Southeast we drew for shooting order and 12 competitors began firing large caliber firearms in hopes of becoming the next Southwest ULR Top Gun.

Skip Remsen, shooting a 416 Barret, took an early and commanding lead scoring multiple hits on the first and farthest stage, just over 1.5 miles away. His dominate lead seemed unbeatable. Un-phased by the early point’s deficit Phillip Heintz, Kurt Stone, Tu Nguyen and Vince Teach banded together and made strong, come from behind run, racking up multiple impacts and eventually eclipsing Skip’s early lead. During the last and final stage the wind changed Phillip, Tu and Vince were able to quickly identify and adjust putting them on target and setting off the hit indicators as if they were surgical drone strikes. First Phil took the lead, then it was Tu, and finally Vince, who drew the last shooting position, down in points and the pressure on, the rest of the competitors watched in awe as “Impact” was called over and over. Vince’s consistent shooting with multiple back to back impacts and performance under pressure, earned him the title of Top Gun this November. Rumor has it Vince is converting his Desert Tech SRS to shoot the new 37 XC (.375 caliber) from his winning .338 Lapua, we will be watching with anticipation to see if bigger is better.

Vince the current Top Gun and Tu, last month’s Top Gun and this month’s runner up, were each awarded with certificates for $150 of Cutting Edge bullets (compliments of Cutting Edge Bullets).

It was also a special day for Carlos as he bested fellow long time competitors Scott Austin and Bill Wood; he also just retired from a long career in the US Military. Southwest ULR Shooters Association would like to thank Carlos very much for his sacrifice and many years of service.

Match Results

October 7, 2018

It was raining hard and flash flood warnings were activated the night before. Shortly after sunrise the wind picked up and was gusting over 30 MPG. This made a normally windy day look calm. Tu Nguyen overcame the elements and connected with 2, 3-in-a-row impacts at 2117 yards, this stage performance and 4 hits at 1730 yards is an great performance in normal conditions but in the massive wind was truly exceptional. Tu is shooting a Desert Tech HTI chambered in .416 Barrett, with Nightforce optics, a custom bipod with hand loaded ammo. This combo was shot from modified massage table. We are all going to need our “A” game next month to unseat the current SouthWest ULR Top Gun, Tu Nguyen.

Match Results

September 2, 2018

The day started off with beautiful shooting weather, 80 degrees and no wind, and that changed real fast with switching right to left at about a 30 degree tail winds gusting over 20 MPG. This made the Ultra Long Range targets (40x40) difficult to hit. However Randy Allen, the current SouthwestULR Top Gun, showed us how it’s done maximizing the conditions with a very impressive 5-in-a-row hit string on the first stage and then a first round hit on the second stage racking up the bonus points. Randy is shooting a Desert Tech SRS factory barrel; factory chambered in 338 Lapua Magnum and shooting factory Desert Tech ammo.

Match Results

Aug 5, 2018

We held a "friends and family" match to work out the bugs with targets, scoring and format. Visability was poor, the haze made it impossible to see anything past about 2000 yards, and you cant hit what you cant see. We made the most of it and had great day of shooting!